Göteborgsoperan, “Icon”


Yesterday night me and Ju-Ju went to the Opera. Thanks to the university we managed to have free tickets for a ballet called “Icon”. We arrived very excited at the Opera, we admired the modern architecture (Parma’s Opera is cuter though) and we took many photos.


It is difficult to define what we watched, it was a sort of ballet with people dressed as Mickey Mouse who danced, but sometimes they gave very deep speeches which must have had a meaning but…I didn’t get it! After 1 hour 30 the show was over and people started cleaning the scene, we were both surprised to see that it was so short and that they were already cleaning.


There was fake blizzard, nice atmosphere

“Apparently Swedes like to go to bed early, what a healthy life they have!”

So, well, we stayed a bit watching other people having a (quite expensive) fika* and we played a bit with some clay (don’t sound too surprised, there was a stand with clay and people could go there and create nice statues).


Ju-ju created a cat, mine is supposed to be a kanelbulle**

What a nice evening, we both really enjoyed!

Today I received a message from Ju-Ju that told me that actually the show lasted 3 hours 33 and that it was divided in two parts: the first one was called “Kodak” and the second (and most important one) was “Icon” which was a strange ballet where dancers used clay (don’t ask me for which purpose). So, well, now the clay makes sense to me although I’ve not had the privilege to see “Icon” 😦

*for those who don’t know, “fika” means “snack” and **kanelbulle is the most typical swedish pastry


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