Alingsås or how to see the Not-So-Northern-Lights with a “nice” weather

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. I really want to highlight the fact that it was a RAINY Saturday afternoon…so we decided to defy the rain, the cold and the dark and see the lights of Alingsås.

Not far from Gothenburg (20 minutes by train), from the 30th of September until the 6th of November, there is a light festival in Alingsås. Nothing special, there are just coloured lights everywhere. Alingsås is a sleepy (at least when we were there) but really cute little town. There is also a small river crossing it. For more info click here.


I went there dressed more or less like this:


And it was a smart choice since the moisture and the cold were extreme.

And now I will quote a quite well-known movie:

‘It could be worse’

‘And how?’

‘It could be snowing’

And of course the rain magically turned into snow.

(for those who don’t know, I’m talking about Frankenstein Junior)

img_1343I was brave enough to take some pictures but they are blurred and it is obvious that my camera was too wet to cooperate.


They are so brave!

After a little walk (that seemed a long journey to us) we ended up in a Mexican fast-food and we warmed our hands with Mexican wraps.

I spent a lovely time in Alingsås (and I’m really sincere)!


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