That time we went to Tjolöholms Slott or how I literally learned to seize the day

The problem with the Swedish winter is that you really need to get organized. Days are so short that even if you wake up at 10 you feel like you’ve lost your day. I know, this is not the first time I complain about the (missing) daylight and you have all the rights to ask me “So why did you go to Sweden?”.

And the answer is “I’m learning about what we call SEIZE THE DAY”.

So I signed up for a University trip to the nearby castle of Tjolöholms. We left from Göteborg at noon and we had to start our trip back at 15.50. Consequently we had just 3.50 to see:

  1. A wonderful Tudor-style castle (even if it was built in the 20th century)img_1473
  2. A beautiful seashore with a dramatic Swedish skyslott 6.jpg
  3. A garden that seemed a bad representation of Versailles
    The garden was not the best…but look at the view!
  4. A Christmas market with very typical Swedish product i.e. wool, wool and wooljul market.jpg
  5. Have some free fika (snack)
  6. A weird guy that was singing something that (as always) I wasn’t able to understandweird guy.gif

We managed to see everything with the short time available. When we finally seated on the bus it was starting to get really dark and we felt really tired with all the running…so apparently at 15.50 the day was over.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, bad news for you…Sweden has already started with the yearly torture of Christmas songs.

Yes, I also forgot to tell you that I also met Santa. One second before, the blond kid with the light blue jacket was trying to understand if he had a real beard or not simply by pulling it. Santa was a bit fed up.

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