11 reasons you might be experiencing winter like a swede

Hej Hej, dear all! Recently I’ve been studying hard…and wasting a lot on time on the internet, especially on newspaper websites (yes, many surprising things are happening in the world). And I found the perfect article: “Eleven ways to act like a true Swede in winter”.

Two premises: a) I am perfectly aware that we are not experiencing winter yet. But remember, I am talking about Sweden. b) I have decided that I really like lists so I’ve created a new category: MyLists

So now, let’s have a look at the tips to act like a Swede:

1. Say the sentence “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” every time someone says it is cold outside


I already said this sentence! Now it is my new religion, before going to Lapland I was really scared that my frail Italian body won’t be able to cope with the cold and I was not the only one, many Swedish friends lent me lots of clothes. One of them was particularly concerned and gave me: two shirts for skiing, a fleece sweater, a jumper and a pair of shorts!

2. Complain about Stockholm complaining about the snow

Nope, never done. It snowed in Stockholm two months ago, when I went there the snow had already melted 😦 . But, when I’ll be back, I’ll surely complain about Parma complaining about the snow (if we are lucky enough to have snow this year).

Of course Stockholm complained about the snow also this year, how? Well, Swedes want more gender equality and snow as well can be seen as a mean of inequality. Women suffer more of the harshness of the snow because they use sidewalks more than men who use highways. Until last year, highways were cleared from snow before sidewalks…now it’s not the case anymore. If you know French and if you want to know more about it, click HERE.

3. Have a discussion about where the north of Sweden starts 

No discussion but facts. Since I’ve travelled from the Southern city of Malmö, to the Northern city of Kiruna… north starts…in Denmark! Sorry guys but Sweden is too north to claim to have southern parts.

4. Drink even more coffee than usual 

You don’t have to mention coffee in front of me. Swedes do not drink coffee but a sort of brown beverage which costs at least 15kr! No, I’m sorry but this tip is totally wrong and I won’t consider it. I miss coffee more than anything else. When I made the choice of not bringing my moka with me I was just a fool little girl…since then I’ve grown wiser…and coffee-less.

5. Plan everything with the weather and daylight in mind

Of course I do that. If I oversleep on Sunday I feel guilty for the rest of the “day”.

6. Jump into a water ice hole – no really +/-

I’ve not jumped into a water ice hole but I’ve jumped in an Arctic lake and in the snow (after the sauna)…if it can be of any help, I’ve also drunk into an ice glass.

7. Go ice-skating or skiing – followed by hot chocolate, coffee or glögg

No skiing (where are the mountains?) but ice-skating. Well, I’m terrible at ice-skating but I did not fall! For what concerns the beverages I don’t like hot chocolate, for coffee please read again (and AGAIN if you are not Italian) point 4, for glögg…I tried it and I really liked it, it keeps you warm especially if you are in Kiruna and you have to cross the city to go back to your hostel.

8. If the temperature gets over 5C degrees, take off your jacket

I took off my jacket at -3C…no problem.

9. Complain about ‘datumparkering’ – a law that limits parking spaces during winter.

I have no car here.


10. Sit and look at the sun, when it comes out

Yes, thanks a lot for the tip mr I’m-giving-you-nice-advices-to-face-winter-like-a-real-Swede. So, since you are so intelligent…where is the sun supposed to be? I don’t see it anywhere.


Where are you Mr Sun?

11. Go to Thailand 

I have to say, this is a more useful way to face the winter…is it ok if I go to Italy? It’s not the same place but, believe me, there “comes the sun”.




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