My Erasmus Wall

My Erasmus has now totally ended (sigh!)…but I still have a picture to show: my Erasmus wall! I’m so proud of it but I also have to warn you: it doesn’t exist anymore…yes, this was my personal wall in my swedish flat and, a month ago, I had to clear out everything. Saaad.ricordi

I tried to recollect all the stuff in it, so: a) maps of Stockholm, my adventures are narrated HERE (but maybe you have already read them…and in that case…I’m a proud blogger). b) These maps remind me the beautiful week-end spent in Copenhagen (read and have a look at my pictures HERE ). c) The map of the cutest place ever to spend an erasmus semester: Göteborg (and sorroundings). d) instructions for voting for the Italian referendum…I have to say I felt very proud to vote in Sweden and to send my vote to the Italian embassy! e) Oslo: read my flashback HERE. f) HERE you find out more about the “not-so-northern-lights” and how in Sweden it can rain and snow at the same time. g) Still now, I can’t really pronounce or write the name of the castle we visited. I was brave enough to write the full name in THIS ARTICLE ! h) This recalls my day in Liseberg. Liseberg is the biggest theme park of all Sweden…and it’s in Göteborg! I spent a really lovely day there and I’m so proud to announce that I have survived to this crazy roller coaster:

I screamed so much that most of my friends in Italy could totally hear me. I really recommend it…mostly because you don’t have a clue of what’s going on when you are on it and then you feel proud for the whole day (not ready to do it again though!). i) This recalls the “true” story of the pig who luckily escaped the Vasa ship before the drama. If I got half of the story, this is thanks to the best interpreter and travel buddy ever: Hanna :-). j) This is a cinema ticket I bought for the Göteborg movie festival (which occurs in September). Movies are usually in English (sub Swedish) and I saw for the first time “The Shawshank Redemption”. It’s quite an old movie, I loved it and if you haven’t yet seen it…I have plenty of resons to push you to see it…but I think a trailer is enough to motivate you:

k) My big plan, during my semester abroad, was to learn a bit of German. Crazy idea since in the meantime I was also studying Swedish, but I still hung on my wall a nice drawing of a human body with all body parts written in German. l) this piece of paper is a game we played during the loooong bus trip from Abisko National Park to Göteborg Central Station: 25 hours of games (and difficult sleep). m) I also had time to go to the Opera (read HERE) ….but well, not the time to see the whole show ;-).

So, this is pretty much it. My Erasmus semester. Over in the blink of an eye but impossible to delete. I learnt really a lot: not just language-wise but also life lessons.

Most of all, I met new people that made me richer than I was, so thanks to my best Erasmus buddies and good luck for your next adventures (we will meet soon, Europe is a cosy little place, after all).

And this is also the only use I see of a wall. #MyErasmusWall


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