Twin Peaks: “My (B)log does(n’t) judge”

Breaking news: I have decided that since my Erasmus is over and I have less trips in program, I will start writing about series or books I’ve watched/read. I promise I will try hard not to spoil anything (in spite of my “spoiler” nature!).
Name : Twin Peaks
Episodes : 8 (season 1)
Produced in the US by David Lynch and Mark Frost (1990-1991)

Dear all,

it’s true I am in Paris and I am supposed to enjoy the rich cultural life this city is able to offer. However, in these last days the weather was depressing. Believe me, when there is just a glint of sun I’m ready to leave the flat and walk in the streets (and take many pictures) but these moments are rather rare.

Instead I’ve discovered Twin Peaks. I’ve not really discovered it because I knew about it before, I had even started to see the first episodes two years ago…but then I promised eternal loyalty to my twin-peaks-buddy so I had to stop. Now I am with my twin-peaks-buddy again and we have plenty of time to watch it.

Little advice: many of you have already watched this masterpiece, but for those who haven’t yet…please find a twin-peaks-buddy. Firstly because some scenes are a bit scary. Secondly because you inevitably become a detective: too many stories disclose in front of your eyes and, it may seem strange, but you actually get to know more than what fiction-detectives are actually aware of.

But let’s get to the point: the series starts with the discovery of Laura Palmer’s corpse. She is obviously dead and wrapped in plastic. At the beginning we are shocked, just as the Twin Peaks inhabitants, by her murder. She was loved by everyone, was there any need to kill her? But as the story is unrolled, we are less shocked and many reasons arise to murder her.

Is it a common murder? Not at all, since also the FBI is involved (Agent Cooper) and many inexplicable events are directly linked to this homicide.


You may have already heard or seen the famous red room!

It’s impossible to avoid getting involved. From a rather simple beginning the series gets more and more complicated and opens many secondary stories which are in some way all linked.


These are the main characters and their bonds!

I watched only the first season who ends with no answer and even more questions. I hope to start the second season as soon as possible!

What I liked about this series is the fact that many genres are mixed together: soap opera, detective story and horror. The soundtrack is amazing: in just a few seconds it can change from a love theme to a horror one! The thing I mostly appreciated is the filming. The camera always focuses on objects: dominoes, mirrors, jewels and other stuff which doesn’t make sense at a first glance but then acquire meaning the more you watch.



Twin Peaks plays on your perceptions: of course the stuffed bear does not represent a real danger but we can feel that Josie is or will be in danger!


Vintage Mood!



If you have already seen the series comments will be appreciated, otherwise have a look and let me know if you appreciated! No spoilers please.


2 thoughts on “Twin Peaks: “My (B)log does(n’t) judge”

  1. Silvia - The Food Traveler says:

    I started watching the series ages ago, when I was still at school (and we are really talking about “ages” because it was the premiere of the series…) I had to stop watching it because I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep at night. Some of the scenes, many characters and the soundtrack really scared the s**t out of me! After years, I still remember the opening theme song 😉 Well, maybe I should give it another try now that I’m a grown-up!


    • eleovunque says:

      I agree with you: it’s quite scary, here the use of the Twin-Peaks-Buddy 🙂 I think that if you try again you will simply love it! The filming is sophisticated, there is at the same time a sense of drama and humour…it is difficult to define but sure it’s the most appreciated series of the last century !


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