Little things I forgot to write about Sweden

I suppose it happened to anybody, while cleaning their room or flat, to find a particular object they had forgot since the dawn of times.

It happened to me yesterday. Don’t ask me why but I found a little diary that I had started writing while in Sweden. At the beginning it was a serious project: keep a diary of my special erasmus experience, then many things happened (basically I started this blog) and my beloved diary became more of a notepad.

In the last pages I had written some article ideas for my now-beloved blog and, reading these little notes now, makes me really nostalgic. I feel like I have lost a huge opportunity to write more about Sweden because obviously I had these ideas but now it would be completely impossible to write down structured and complete articles mainly because I am not in the swedish “habitat” and therefore in a swedish mood.

So I have decided to write down a short list of what were my article ideas and what you will never know about Sweden (even though travel guides or other blogs may contain more detailed information).

  • “Odd things you can actually find in a swedish supermarket”: this article should have contained a list of strange stuff to buy for a foreigner. I had already started a list including caviar cream, the huge amount of “Wasa” (crunchy bread), herrings with sugar (disgusting!) and the difficulty in finding butter without salt.
  • “Christmas in Sweden”: besides Christmas markets (remember my pics?) there is so much to say about Xmas: traditional parties, typical songs and the special beer (yes, in december every brand launches a new beer: the Xmas beer).
  • “People I’ve met in my Erasmus semester”: this was my biggest dream!
  • “Funny things about the Swedish language”: last semester, I took some swedish courses for beginners…of course I made improvements (starting from 0 it’s almost impossible to avoid improvements) but I have not a good level of Swedish and I won’t be able to have a conversation…but I discovered funny facts about this language and, more generally, about the swedish culture.
  • And at last…don’t laugh but I wanted to write a full article about the love of my life: Persilio (for those who don’t know him: a little plant/roommate) but “Alas!” Persilio died ages ago.img_1350

3 thoughts on “Little things I forgot to write about Sweden

    • eleovunque says:

      Juju! When I came back form Sweden I met a girl who told me she did 2 erasmus in the same place…and I was so tempted to go to Goteborg again…but it wouldn’t be the same without the perfect neighbour and german-series-lover!


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